Newborn oral hygiene

After the baby is born, you are surely wondering how best to maintain her oral hygiene? When do the first teeth break out, when to start brushing them and when to schedule a first visit to the dentist?

We asked dentist Vojin Vulicevic and here’s what he had to tell us:

“It is crucial that expectant mothers are informed on a timely basis both about the care of their own oral health during pregnancy and about the proper oral hygiene of the baby.”

“Oral hygiene should be started immediately for the newborn. The first teeth generally sprout between the fourth and sixth months, but it is necessary to clean the baby’s gums from the first days. This is best achieved by using a piece of wet gauze after each baby’s meal. It is important to note that caries lesions in infants and young children mainly caused by prolonged contact with sugar through sweetened beverages that are bottled. It is strictly forbidden to go to bed with a bottle, even if they contain milk or formula.

“Introducing your child to the dental office and staff. Coming to the dentist for an appointment and when there is no problem, the child becomes familiar with the entire practice environment as something interesting and painless. Keep in mind – healthy habits are created from a child’s earliest age! ” The doctor told us.

Most parents, myself included, put the baby to sleep with milk. Is there any compromise?

“There is no compromise when putting a baby to sleep with formula, milk or juice. Anything else I would say would not be true, and I honestly would not stand behind it.”

How and how often should your baby clean their gums and teeth?

“It is best to use gauze soaked in saline or boiled water after each meal, but it is definitely mandatory in the morning and evening because of the saliva secretion interval. At night, saliva is less secreted, so the defense function is compromised.”

should we use toothpaste?

“According to the latest protocols from the American Pediatric Association, toothpastes should be used from the time the first tooth / s emerges. First, start with the amount of rice-sized thootpaste because children are not able to expel the contents after brushing until the second year. After the third year, the amount of paste should be increased. the size of the pea grain. “

When to schedule your first visit to the dentist?

“The first visit should be already with the sprouting of the first teeth, about six months, or at least in the first twelve months. The most important thing is for the child to get to know the dentist as someone who is interesting and friendly to him and not as someone / something that associates pain (which happens when a child is first brought in when something is hurting him or her.) By playing the first visit, the child is introduced to the office environment and staff through play and animation as something intriguing and entertaining. oral hygiene of a child, how habits (thumb sucking, nibbling on the subject) affect the development of his or her dental system, and how general oral health is. “

We listened  Dr. Vulicevic and scheduled our first visit. Petra met her dentist and doctor and did not remove the smile from her face. The doctor examined our teeth and reiterated that we should not put her to sleep with milk and that if we were already doing that we would give her water to drink afterwards.

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